International road freight transport – the main specialization of our company. Transport by road is the most convenient and economical mode of transport. It has the indisputable advantage of the speed of delivery from the seller to the buyer without intermediate trans-clear personification accountable for any given load and the possibility of a high level of control on the status and location during the transportation.

Areas of export-import traffic:

– Central and Eastern Europe

– Asian direction

– CIS countries

Through international cargo transportation, our company has the best use of their own resource capabilities of rolling stock. However, it is important to understand that, when implementing major, long-term projects for the international destination as well as road transport in Ukraine involving large volumes of traffic, it is impossible to manage fleet of one company, no matter how the number of vehicles it does not have. Therefore, «VELES BUKOVYNA» LTD. serves not only as a carrier, but also as a freight forwarding company, involving the cooperation of partners and using their rolling stock. Our employees are on a long-term contractual basis, working with the Ukrainian, Russian and international forwarding and logistics companies, transportation companies.