Washing catalysts and particulate filters



It is necessary to wash the catalyst?  Yes it is necessary!

What are the advantages of washing catalysts?

First of all, you do not need to replace the old catalyst with a new one, as recommended by the manufacturer after a certain mileage. This procedure will save you a large amount of money that you would spend to purchase a new catalyst. The procedure for cleaning catalysts is a common practice in European countries. It should be noted the main technical parameters that will be improved after the procedure for cleaning the catalyst using  FLASH CLEANER MACHINE :

– after cleaning the catalyst and diesel particulate filter you will notice a decrease in fuel consumption by 2-3 liters per 100 km (checked by our drivers and GPS monitoring managers)

 – the high flow capacity of the catalyst contributes to the proper operation of the turbine, while the low flow capacity will lead to overheating and failure of the turbine shaft in the future.

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