Truck park

Fleet – the backbone of any transportation company, an indicator of its capacity. Throughout our existence, we have sought to ensure their employees good working conditions, and our customers – the highest level of service. Therefore we always take seriously the completion of its fleet. We give and give preference to trains world’s leading manufacturers.

Own rolling stock in accordance with the environmental standards Euro-6 and has 50 units of trucks such as DAF and curtain sider semi-trailers Schmitz, Krone  with volume to 96m3.

Our fleet in 2018 added nine new trucks. Our trucks  meet environmental standards EURO-6. The kit includes trucks “VOLVO” and curtain sider semi-trailers  Krone with volume of 92-94m3.

In 2013 on each vehicle we have installed GPS tracking system, through which we can monitor compliance with the timetable, the location of transport, speed and direction of its motion, the exact time of arrival at destination, which allows us to improve the efficiency of transport and delivery to ensure you just in time.

Our mechanics keep the fleet in good condition, so you do not need to worry about the cargo.